Medical Devices

Haag-Streit develops, produces and distributes high-quality products and services for diagnosis and surgery, mainly in the fields of ophthalmology and surgical microscopy. The Diagnostics segment includes slit lamps, biometry, perimetry, tonometers, practice management software for clinics and opticians and practice equipment. The Surgical segment includes microscopes, floor and roof stands and accessories. The company’s other activities cover applications in the fields of pulmonology and measuring instruments.

The Haag-Streit Group comprises more than twenty companies in Europe, America and China. Its head office is in Köniz, Switzerland, and it has additional production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA. Around 900 employees develop and produce high-quality products and services that are distributed in over 150 countries by the Group’s own sales companies and more than 65 independent distributors.

Comparison of key figures

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% YoY

in CHF million 2020 2019 2018
Gross sales 169.8 209.6 182.3
Change in % (total, in CHF) -19.0 15.0 n/a
Change in % (organic, in local currencies) -19.7 -2.1 n/a
Net sales to third parties 166.7 204.9 178.5
Switzerland 8.1 7.4 6.6
Europe (excluding Switzerland) 66.5 68.1 60.7
Americas 62.1 90.6 74.6
Asia / Pacific / Others 30.0 38.9 36.6
Operating income (EBIT) -4.4 16.5 21.6
EBIT as % of gross sales -2.6 7.9 11.8
EBIT as % of net sales -2.7 8.1 12.1
Employees 928 964 973