Metall Zug Group: Information on the new development plan for the Technology Cluster Zug

Zug, May 15, 2017 – The strategic refurbishment of the V-ZUG site is the starting point for the Technology Cluster Zug project. The long-term transformation of the site requires a new development plan. The city of Zug and V-ZUG Immobilien AG will provide information at a press conference this afternoon on the development plan and the next steps in the approval process.


While many companies are moving parts of their production abroad, Metall Zug is investing in the industrial future of its current location in Zug. Modernization and the spatial concentration of production are making it possible to set up additional industrial companies, technology-related services and training facilities.


In accordance with the construction legislation of the Canton of Zug, the long-term transformation of the V-ZUG site to create the Technology Cluster Zug requires a development plan. The preliminary work for the Technology Cluster development plan was completed over the past few weeks and months. The draft plan underwent several rounds of modifications by the city and V-ZUG Immobilien AG, a subsidiary of Metall Zug AG, and after also being revised by the city and the canton is ready for approval by the city council. To mark this milestone, the city of Zug and representatives of V-ZUG Immobilien AG will provide information on the development plan today at 02.00 p.m.



Technology Cluster Zug: investing in a sustainable, modern and urban industrial centre

The Technology Cluster Zug will become an eco-system of companies that engage in innovative production. The planned Technology Cluster Zug is doubly attractive for the city and the Canton of Zug. Firstly, a wide range of jobs will be retained in Zug, and new jobs will be created. Secondly, a new and distinctive part of the city of Zug will be established.


The geographic location of the Technology Cluster Zug will enable appropriate transport links that are compatible with the city, thanks to the new Baar bypass. The Technology Cluster Zug is also looking into new forms of mobility. These include a pilot test launched with SBB, Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB), Mobility Carsharing, the city of Zug and Technology Cluster Zug for self-driving vehicles (shuttles) as part of the existing public transport and mobility system.


The environmental compatibility report shows that all environment-related aspects of the situation will continue to improve as part of the gradual transformation. Investments will be made in an infrastructure for a carbon-neutral site using a unique combination of local environmentally friendly energy sources such as lake water, groundwater, waste industrial heat and solar energy.


The urban planning concept for the Technology Cluster Zug takes account of the growing neighbourhoods around the site as well as of the need for greater spatial planning density and thus protects the limited available land.



New development plan enables new construction at V-ZUG AG. The increase in floor space is subject to an industrial use requirement

Although the transformation of the core V-ZUG site to create the Technology Cluster Zug has been planned carefully and in stages, this will result in considerable challenges over the next few years in the face of continuing operation. V-ZUG AG is prepared to undertake these special efforts in order to safeguard the future of V-ZUG and jobs in Zug. This calls for broad-based support for a sufficiently flexible “framework” to ensure that yet unknown construction-related adaptations can be implemented quickly and unbureaucratically in future. The development plan grants the operationally required increase in usable floor space subject to the condition that the additional cubic capacity will be used for industrial purposes.