Sustainability Targets 2023

Metall Zug has set the following sustainability targets to be achieved by 2023:


Vision “Develop a skilled workforce”: Investments in continuing professional development and the training of apprentices remain stable or increase. 40 % of leadership positions are to be filled by internal candidates, with due regard for gender equality.

Vision “Satisfied employees”: Employee satisfaction can be improved.

Vision “Zero work-related accidents”: Reduce the number of cases and compensated days for work-related accidents to at least 20 % below the SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Trust) average.

Vision “Safe leisure time”: Reduce the number of cases and compensated days for non-work-related accidents to 10% below the actual average.

Climate & Energy:

Metall Zug’s production sites in Switzerland are carbon-neutral in Scope 1 (heating and operating power, own vehicles) and Scope 2 (electricity) and Scope 3 (business air travel) in the 2019 – 2023 period. Carbon neutrality is achieved using the ‘cascade’ approach: 1. Avoid, 2. Reduce, 3. Compensate, 4. Remove.

Products & Services:

A complete life cycle analysis is conducted for a selected product (top seller). The life cycle analysis encompasses raw material extraction and processing, production, transport, use and disposal. The findings serve as input for product development and help bring about improvements in relation to useful life, reuse and recycling.

90 % of own packaging material produced from renewable materials (wood, cardboard, biogenic material) is used.

Supplier management incorporates material aspects of the sustainability strategy. The major logistics contractors must submit an annual CO2 report.