Sustainability Targets 2023

Metall Zug has set the following sustainability targets to be achieved by 2023:


Climate & Energy:

Metall Zug has been working methodically and effectively since 2013 to continuously reduce the impact of its business activities on the climate. Its efforts mainly focus on Scopes 1 and 2, starting with the Swiss production sites and gradually expanding to other locations. With regard to Scope 3, Metall Zug is also striving to take targeted measures and increase its influence.

Metall Zug does not want to take until 2040 to reach net zero. Instead, it aims to achieve a global net zero emissions target in the medium term, within a few years. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, this also requires unavoidable CO2 emissions to be absorbed. To this end, it is pursuing a strategy based on transparency and innovation. Financial resources from an internal, emissions-based CO2 fund are used to finance this CO2 strategy.


Employees are fundamental to the company’s success. That is why Metall Zug aims to develop its own managers and skilled workers, and to secure their services in the long term. The main activities here are to step up promotion and succession planning –40% of leadership positions are to be filled by internal candidates –, strengthen the leadership culture, improve satisfaction among employees, and take more preventive health and safety measures.

Products & Services:

Metall Zug intends both to retain its pioneering role in long product lifetimes, the availability of spare parts and competent customer service and to build on it by moving towards circularity. One of the first steps will see packaging material largely being produced from renewable materials from now on.

Society & Value Creation

For Metall Zug, making a contribution to regional society is just as important as economic performance. It aims to create jobs locally, play a role in quality urban development, and help provide affordable housing.