1. Acquisition

    Acquisition of the Haag-Streit Holding AG; new Business Unit Medical Devices

    Press release
  2. Acquisition

    Acquisition of majority stake in adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH (Wire Processing Business Unit)

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  3. Acquisition

    Acquisition of Sterifast Sterilization & Disinfection Systems Lda. (Infection Control Business Unit)

  4. Passing of Heinz Buhofer

    Passing of Heinz Buhofer, former Chairman and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors (obituary only available in German)

  5. Shareholding increased

    Shareholding of 35% in DiIT AG was increased to 100% (Wire Processing Business Unit)

  6. Foundation

    Foundation of MZ Infra AG

  7. Mistral opening

    Mistral opening (production and assembly building of the Household Appliances Business Unit, as well as R&D departments of Household Appliances and Infection Control Business Units)

  8. Foundation

    Foundation of V-ZUG Hong Kong Co. Ltd. (Household Appliances Business Unit)

  9. Acquisition

    Acquisition of the Cirris Solutions GmbH (Wire Processing Business Unit)

  10. Akquisition

    Acquisition of the Schybig Gastro-Service AG and the Horeka AG (Household Appliances Business Unit)

  11. Acquisition

    Acquisition Tianjin Haofeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. by the Schleuniger Group (Wire Processing Business Unit)

    Press release
  12. Acquisition

    Acquisition of the refrigeration equipment business of AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG by V-ZUG (Household Appliances Business Unit)

    Press release
  13. Spin-off

    Spin-off of real estate Business Unit

    Press release
  14. Opening

    Opening ZUGgate

  15. Acquisition

    Acquisition of the Schleuniger Group; new Business Unit: Wire Processing

  16. Acquisition

    Takeover of the FFC Group AG along with Hildebrand AG's operative business and integration into the Gehrig Group AG (Household Appliances Business Unit)

  17. New Business Unit

    Infection Control (Belimed AG) forms a new, independent Business Unit

  18. Belimed Group

    Single, uniform market presence as the Belimed Group

  19. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over the Sauter Group, Sulgen

  20. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over Netzsch Belimed, Waldkraiburg (Germany) and Belimed, Grosuplje (Slovenia)

  21. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over Avenatech Inc., Miami (USA), today Belimed Inc.

  22. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over Kleindienst-Belimed, Augsburg (Germany)

  23. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over Belimed

  24. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over Sibir, Schlieren

  25. Acquisition

    V-ZUG AG takes over F. Gehrig, Ballwil

  26. Opening Metalli

    Opening of the first phase of the Metalli quarter project in Zug city center

  27. MZ-Immobilien AG

    MZ-Immobilien AG takes charge of designing the factory grounds of the metal goods factory in Zug

  28. Fully electronic controls

    V-ZUG AG is the first company to fit its kitchen and washing machines with fully electronic controls

  29. Formation to V-ZUG AG

    Amalgamation of metal goods factory and galvanizing shop to form V-ZUG AG

  30. Launch of the dishwasher

    Adora dishwasher launched on the market

  31. Launch of the tumble dryer

    Go to market of the tumble dryer

  32. Foundation

    Foundation of WEZ plastics factory in Oberentfelden

  33. Launch of the automatic washing machine

    First Unimatic automatic washing machine

  34. ZUG washing machine

    The ZUG washing machine starts to take the markets by storm

  35. Founding

    Founding of galvanizing shop in Zug

  36. Founding

    Founding of metal goods factory, Zug