Vision and Strategy

Metall Zug AG is a listed Swiss industrial holding company with an entrepreneurial family as its main shareholder. Metall Zug adopts a decidedly long-term perspective. By focusing its Business Units and holdings on medical technology and industrial enterprises with premium and precision products in attractive markets, Metall Zug creates sustainable added value for its shareholders.

The Metall Zug Group is a holding company with investments in medical technology and industrial enterprises that have the potential to generate added value. The Business Units are largely able to implement their strategies independently and act with speed. This gives the Metall Zug Group and its Business Units great strategic flexibility and allows them to make the most of their growth potential.

As part of Metall Zug’s strategy, Business Units may be hived off, allowing Metall Zug to confine itself to the role of strategic anchor shareholder. This process of making Business Units independent may result in shares in these Business Units being distributed to the shareholders of Metall Zug AG. Accordingly, the Business Units might be turned into directly listed companies. Metall Zug AG will continue to hold a significant ownership interest in the independent Business Units and ensure that business development is synonymous with long-term value creation.

Entrepreneurial Freedom and Independence

Metall Zug achieves an optimum balance between conservative financial policies and entrepreneurial ambition. Thanks to its financial strength and conscious diversification, Metall Zug is able to act autonomously and make independent decisions – even during economically difficult periods.

Economies of Diversity

Metall Zug taps into the diversity of its Business Units and holdings as a source of innovation, benchmarks and best practice. The entrepreneurial freedom and clear focus of those units and holdings is a key element in its success. The Group companies each have their own market presence – including their own, independent brands.

Business Development and Growth

The Business Units and holdings seek to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by delivering innovation and high-quality products and services, as well as by extending the offering along the value chains of their customers.

Investment opportunities for external growth are primarily being sought within the existing Business Units.

Driven by Value, Aiming for Success

All those in positions of responsibility act with a view to success and in line with the Metall Zug values: any success can only really be counted as such if it is sustainable and has been achieved with due respect for society and without tarnishing the reputation of the company in question and the Metall Zug Group as a whole.

The company follows the basic principle of acting with a long-term view in order to create sustainable success for all its stakeholders, including customers, employees and shareholders. Long-term success takes priority over maximizing short-term profit.

Development of Established Real Estate

With its industrially based real estate, Metall Zug creates optimal framework conditions for the industrial activities of its Business Units and holdings.

Metall Zug is also developing the original V-ZUG main site in the city of Zug with the aim of creating a Tech Cluster in Zug North. The development of the site aims to incorporate the various needs of modern urban development. An ecosystem of innovative technologies and services, with diverse networking opportunities between users, is to be created.


Metall Zug is pursuing high standards with regard to resilient energy supplies, durable and resource-saving products, environmentally friendly and material-efficient production, responsible procurement and logistics, and as a committed employer.

Metall Zug understands its corporate responsibility in ensuring a future for its business beyond the next generation by consistently reducing the burden on people, society and the environment.

Lowering CO2 emissions is a key element of Metall Zug’s sustainability strategy. To ease the burden on the climate, CO2 emissions are given a price, which is collected in a fund through the internal CO2 levy. This fund is used to launch innovative and effective projects in order to support system-relevant reduction measures.

The people in our companies are fundamental to our success. Metall Zug therefore aims to develop and secure its own management and skilled workers in the long term. The main activities in this regard are intensified development and succession planning, taking equality into account – 40 % of management positions are to be filled internally – as well as strengthening a people-oriented management culture and increasing the satisfaction of our employees. Preventive measures for employee health and occupational safety are also being actively pursued.

The pioneering position in the durability of products and their reparability is to be further developed. As a first step, packaging material from renewable resources is to be used to the greatest possible extent in the future.

For Metall Zug, in addition to economic performance, the regional and social contributions are equally important. Metall Zug believes in Switzerland as a production location, and in Zug in particular, and considers a massive outsourcing of workplaces abroad to be a risk for the long-term existence of the company. This aspiration is also taken into account with the Tech Cluster.