Internal CO2-Fund

Metall Zug took the step of setting up its own internal CO2 fund for the Group several years ago. To additionally motivate the Business Units to take sustainable business decisions, a contractually stipulated internal CO2 levy of CHF 120 per tonne of carbon dioxide was agreed. The levy’s main purpose is to put a price on CO2 emissions that can be factored into all business management decisions, thus favoring effective climate protection measures.

Since the introduction of the internal levy in 2018, the Swiss Business Units of the Metall Zug Group and the V-ZUG Group have paid CHF 2.6 million into the fund. The international sites are scheduled to join the CO2 fund in the next few years. These funds are earmarked for disbursement to innovative, efficient project proposals, such as the H2 fuel project in Zug, building renovation measures, the use of new materials, and e-mobility.

Ecological and social objectives have been added to the application forms for investments.