Internal CO2 Fund

Lowering CO2 emissions is a key element of the sustainability strategy of Metall Zug, whose long-term vision is carbon-neutral production. Initially, CO2 neutrality is to be achieved for production operations at the Zug site and for the entire Technologycluster in Zug. The Metall Zug Group’s producing Swiss companies have signed an agreement on objectives with the EnAW (Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector) committing to continually reduce CO2 emissions by means of business measures.

To additionally motivate the Business Units to take sustainable business decisions and promote sustainable projects, the main production companies have approved a contractually agreed internal CO2 levy since 2018. At CHF 120 per tonne of carbon dioxide, the internally agreed levy corresponds to the maximum rate set by the Swiss Parliament in the CO2 Act. The proceeds from the CO2 levy will go to MZ Infra AG, which will place them in a separate fund, where they can be distributed within a period of no more than 10 years for earmarked purposes. The aim is to encourage climate-protection measures, for example the promotion of product improvements or research projects under the planned multi-energy hub for the Technologycluster Zug. Since the introduction of the incentive tax effective 2018, the Business Units have paid around CHF 1.2 million into the fund.

Ecological and social targets were also added to investment requirements.